Building interest in your product or service requires that initial spark of interest.  To accomplish this, you start by defining or redefining your sales mission and conveying that clearly. The most valuable customer is not the one with the largest buying power, but the one who knows you best. Your communication must align with the demands of the market. We help you and your prospects better understand your business, solutions and why you stand out from the crowd.


What's a spark without a bridge to connect you with prospects that need your service or product.  We have fostered an extensive network of executives and venture capitalists, particularly in franchise, CPG, retail, and technology. We have become known as a trusted source for linking the right people with the right opportunities. We also work with you to look at your products and services in a different way in order to expand your market and find partners or customers you may have not otherwise considered. 

Customer Excellence

Once the deal is done, sales considers their job done.  Like a bonfire, your customer base needs to be fed and nurtured. Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience is your best platform for feeding your business through referrals and advancing your offerings with feedback from current clients. Learn how to make your customer base work for you.

Kyle Eagleson, 1st Executive Vice President - CFO, Guilford Savings Bank

"John exudes a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Our employees where drawn into his world of service delivery through his lively and colorful presentation.  He will surely leave a lasting impression on our teams."

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