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is the time to invest in your team. Now is always. Any economic time has its challenges around fostering a successful sales organization. When the market is up, opportunities abound and sales people working in a static culture look for greener grass. When the market is down, so is morale and even the best sales people need a boost.

Not everyone is a top performer all the time, but successful team building improves results at all levels. Let us help you inspire your sales force, cultivate a stronger team environment, and improve morale.

What? We combine exciting, fun-filled programs with team-building basics that will motivate your teams and give them actionable tools for the future. This is not your ordinary four-walled, meeting. Have you ever put together a bicycle from scratch? Did you ever want to be a contestant on “The Amazing Race?” – we offer the “Hair Raising Race.” We even turn food and wine into a team exercise through two separate programs involving creating a meal and competing to be named “Chefs Extraordinaire” or taking charge of the “wine of the year” campaign. Other programs involve physical activities such as boating, paddling, and obstacle type courses. If you don't find something you like, we will design a custom program for you. We also can create a program that integrates your corporate initiatives and/or your customers.

Where & When? Anywhere! We bring our programs to you. We can deliver them at your corporate offices, at hotel and conference centers, or at off-site locations. Our programs can be combined with an existing corporate meeting or delivered as a stand-alone event. All in less than a day’s work.

Why? The benefits of a team-building event last well beyond the day of the activity.
Teams that participate will:

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