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I’m Motivated & Skilled – Now What?

The final key to successful sales is the right go-to-market strategy. This includes presenting total value, finding the right audience and making real connections, and exceeding expectations.


Selling is meeting a client’s needs. How do you serve these? You start by defining or redefining your sales mission and conveying that clearly. The most valuable customer is not the one with the largest buying power, but the one who knows you best. Your communication must align with the demands of the market. We help you better understand not only your business, but your competitors’ as well.


BLLC has fostered an extensive network of executives and venture capitalists, particularly in the CPG, retail, and technology industries. Through previous years of experience, John Boccuzzi has become known as a trusted source for linking the right people with the right opportunities. We also work with you to look at your products and services in a different way in order to expand your market and find partners or customers you may have not otherwise considered.

Customer Excellence

Now you have sold. In many sales cultures, once the deal is done, sales considers their job done as well. However, a true go-to-market strategy doesn’t stop there. Customer excellence is your best platform for growing business through referrals and advancing your offerings with feedback from users. Learn how to make your customer base work for you. We are especially passionate about and expert in customer excellence. In 2007 and 2008, while John was CEO of Kenosia Corporation, the company received recognition for their Customer Excellence, being named No. 1 in the industry in the demand data analytics category by Consumer Goods Technology magazine.

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